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The IP address of is the default entrée point for quite a few home broadband routers. Among such routers are Belkin & SMC models. At the time of their selling, the router brands/models have set IP addresses. Nevertheless, a person can configure any router /PC on any local network for changing these specifications.


Suppose the router you have is using and you wish to get logged in to the console of the router. For achieving that you must make use of the local network and this can be done by directing a Web browser to You must be careful that you don’t type http://www.

The connection having been established, the user’s going to be prompted to initiate an administrator username & password for completing the login procedure. In the event of the router getting cut off from network, the browser is going to act in response with an error note that says ‘This webpage is not available’.

A number of ISPs would provide networking gear that makes it possible for administrators to type down a name in a browser as a substitute for the IP address.


Due to being “private IPv4 network address” a person can’t utilize it for linking to any router from outside his/her home network. For that function, a person requires using the public IP address of the router. If a person requires setting up a couple of routers on his/her home network concurrently, these require being set up with diverse addresses. For confirming the address that a local router is making use of, a person has the option of checking the default gateway that’s set on a device presently connected to it. The person can also check out the tutorials on the way of checking his/her router’s IP address found online.


A person has the option of configuring and customizing his/her router’s specifications within “Admin Console.” A router “Administrator Console” features options for changing the default local address in conjunction with more IP settings.

To be able to get access to the administration panel of his/her modem a person requires typing the words himself/herself on the web browser’s address or duplicating the IP. In the event that the person makes use of the incorrect password, he/she must reset the device. The person is able to do this by simply pressing the reset button that is present at the backside of his/her device. The person must keep the button pressed for a while. Once the person has released the reset button, his/her router gets reset automatically to its factory default settings. After that it reboots.

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